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Thomas Burnett Swann was born in Florida in 1928 and served in the United States Navy during the Korean War. He received the B.A. from Duke University, the Master’s from the Univeristy of Tennessee, and the Ph.D. from the University of Florida.

Dr. Swann was foremost and forever a poet and a writer; he was, however, also a first-rate professor and, always at heart, a teacher of the finest rank. He was the heart of the English department at Florida Atlantic Univeristy, where he inspired a cadre of fine poets and writers.

Dr. Swann enjoyed a distinguished reputation among writers of fantasy and science fiction. “His novels explore the enigma of the past, just prior to the dawn of history.” His work include FANTASY; The Wierwoods; The Forest of Forever; The Dolphins and the Deep; How are the Mighty FAllen; Day of the Minaotaur; The Goat Without Horns; Green Phoenix; Where is the Bird of Fire?; The Minikins of Yam; and The Tournament of Thorns. CRITICAL STUDIES: The Classical World of H.D.; Charles Sorley; Poet of World War I, and Wonder and Whimsy: Christina Rosetti’s Poems of Fantasy. POETRY: Wombats and Moondust and Alas, in Lilliput, and a CHILDREN’S BOOK: I like Bears.

Much like Gwendolyn Brooks, Dr. Swann had an incredible memorable voice:

I hope to invoke and recall my own muse soon and write a second
novel about the Minotaur…

She (the Muse) is skittish, though; she must be wooed not captured.
I’m going to a quiet little beach on the Gulf and dwell with the
sands and sea-birds, and read about Crete, and open my heart, and
who knows, maybe I’ll hear the tip-toe of her return…and the young
Minotaur will bellow in “The Forest of Foreever.”

-- From a Letter to Stephen Caldwell Wright, 1969
Thomas Burnett Swann